Boxed sets on request

Boxed sets on request.

Stall 5,  Portobello Road market, London, Saturdays.

 Stall 35,  Portobello Road market Fridays, London (April to December).

My contact number is: 07527 813 686

Boxed sets on Request. As I can only bring 2000 figures to Portobello road Market, London,  on any given day,  you can, on request ask me to bring down figures from this page to the market. Current collection of boxed sets available to sell ( April 2020) in Portobello Road market, London if you request me to bring them along.

Post 1966 boxed sets.


Britains toy soldiers boxed Scottish regiments and individual forward march figures including Nelson, Churchill and Florence Nightingale.Portobello road, London, England1) Britains various Scottish regiments and individual figures on Horseback.Forward march individual sets including Churchill, Nelson and Florence Nightingale.


Boxed toy soldier sets including Hiriart French colonial and Nostalgia Indian army. HM foreign service infantry. Portobello road, London, England.2) Nostalgia boxed sets including 35th Sikhs, Madras foot, Kashmir lancers, Bengal and West indian infantry. HM line infantry  in action on foreign service. Hiriart French Colonials . On request at Portobello Road, London, England.


Boxed Britains Mountain Artillery and various Britsh guards sets. Andy Morant, Portobello road, London, England.3) BrItains Seaforth Highlanders, Scots Guards attention and band playing musical instruments. Mountain Artillery with walking mules and detachable gun. Boxed sets
of lead toy soldiers, on request at Portobello Road market, London, England.


Britains boxed Kings Royal border regt, Seaforths, Gordons and Grenadiers. Andy Morant, Stall 5, Portobello road, London, England.4) Britains Gordon Highlanders, Seaforth Highlanders, Grenadier Guards and
Kings own Royal border regiment. Portobello Road, London, England.

Boxed toy soldier sets. Premier Howitzer team and various Britains Indian regiments and colonials.Andy Morant, Portobello road, London, England.5) Britains Indian army. Wilde rifles, Baluchi regt, Bombay cavalry, Bengal Lancers, Madras sappers, Governor Generals horse, 21st Lancers and 4.5 Howitzer set. Portobello Road, London, UK.


Mignot Napoleonic, Bulgarians, Military band, piano teacher, Chelsea pensioners, windmill and Rorkes drift boxed sets.Portobello road, London, England.6) Mignot Napoleonic and Bulgarian. Britains Rorkes drift. Chelsea pensioners, and 
various civilian figures.
Mignot Napoleonic, Band, Fort Henry and RAF sold.


 1966 boxed sets.


Pre war boxed Britains sets, Lead toy soldiers. Andy Morant, Stall 5, Portobello road, London, England.7) Pre 1939 Britains boxed sets on request. Including British infantry in gas masks, Machine gun section firing, Coldstream Guards, Grenadier Guards, Italian Bersaglieri and German infantry. Portobello road, London, UK.

Britains boxed anti aircraft, Knights, Cavalry and farm sets. Portobello road, London.
8) Britains Knights of Middle Ages and Agincourt. Predictor, searchlight and operator. Royal Scots Greys, 1930s and First Lifeguards set, over 100 years old in original box. tree and gate and horse roller from farm series.
1950s boxed lead toy soldier sets by Britains and Timpo. Andy Morant, Portobello road, London, England.
9) 1948 to 1966 Britains boxed sets.Including Cape Town Highlanders, KAR, Swedish, 
Togoland warriors, RCMP, Royal Navy and Italian Carabinieri. Timpo Westpoint Cadets and various dogs standing and sitting in their original boxes. Portobello Road, London, England.
Boxed Britains USCW display set, Naval landing party and medical wagons. Andy Morant, Stall 5, Portobello road, London, England.
10) Britains 1950s American cival war display sets. Includes 6 sets in one display box. Naval landing party with detachable gun .
1930s Royal army Medical corps Horse drawn wagons both sold.