Diecast cars


Stall 5: Portobello Road Market, London. Saturdays.

Stall 35: Portobello Road Market, London, Fridays (April–December)

My contact number is 07527 813686
email is andymoranttoys@hotmail.co.uk 

Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox cars.
Portobello Road, London.

Dinky, corgi, Matchbox cars, buses, trucks, minis, racers. stall 5, portobello road, London1) Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox diecast collectors cars, vans, buses, taxis, TV related etc.
James Bond and Batman vehicles. Lledos and MOYS, Corgi and Matchbox. Cars, vans, trucks, buses. Including London buses and taxis, minis, car transporter, Dinky racing cars, Newmarket racing transporter to name a few.


Dinky, Corgi tv related, cars, fire engines, ambulances, vans. All available weekends in portobello road.2) Dinky and Corgi cars. TV related include FAB1, Batmobile, Green Hornet and Man from Uncle. Various cars, vans, ambulances, fire engines including Rolls Royces, Volkswagons and Dinky delivery van and transporter.


Corgi, dinky, Solido military toys. Stall 5, Portobello Road market, London , England.3) Stall 5, Portobello Road, London,UK. Dinky, Corgi and Solido military vehicles. Diecast military tanks, ambulances and vehicles.


Boxed Dinky FAB1, military, cars. Corgi bat mobile, matchbox boys. At the world famous Portobello market.4) Including Batmobile, Lady Penelope, Dinky military, Triumph, Esso tanker.
Corgi Jag, BRM, Renault. Variety of Matchbox, MOYs and 1 to 75 series.


Corgi toy boxed Marcods, citroen safari, plymouth, NSU and plough, diecasts at Portobello road.5) Boxed Corgi Marcos 1800, citroen safari, Plymouth sports suburban, NSU print and four furrow plough.


Lledo/ Days Gone, Moys, diecast cars.
 Portobello Road, London.

Lledo cars, Portobello road, London. £3 each, 4 for £10. At least 150 to chose from each weekend.


Lledo vehicles, Portobello market, England. £3 each, 4 for £10 6) Stall 5, Portobello Road,Saturdays, stall 35 Fridays, London, Uk.
Lledo/Days gone cars. At least 160 cars each day in tubs. £3 each, 4 for £10.Various vans, ambulances, fire engines etc.
Most popular seller for the young enthusiasts at a cheap price.


Matchbox MOYS . at least 80 available on any given weekend in portobello road.7) Matchbox Models of yesteryear. £4 each, 3 for £10. At least 50 vehicles for sale at Portobello Road market each weekend. Stock regularly changes.


James Bond and Batman.
Portobello Road, London.


James Bond cars, Portobello road, London, England8) Selection of James Bond cars each weekend.
A wide selection, always available, changes each week. £6.50 and upwards each.
At least 20 to choose from on any given weekend.



Batman , Portobello road, London, England9) Selection of Batman cars available each weekend.


Miscellaneous diecast cars, buses , taxis etc.
Portobello Road.London, Uk.


Solido buses, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox diecasts. Portobello market, London.


Diecast buses, sports cars, classics, ships. stall 5, Portobello road, London.10) Stall 5, Portobello Road, London. Corgi buses, MOY gift sets and cars,  Solido buses and Military Ambulance. Dinky cars, vans and crane. Matchbox ships.