Toy soldiers Portobello


Stall 5, Portobello Road market, London, Saturdays.  

Stall 35, Portobello Road market, London, Fridays (April to December)

My contact number is: 07527 813 686

Up to 2000 lead toy soldiers/figures, many with moveable feature,  which I bring down to Portobello road market, London, England each weekend. Oldest figures are over 120 years old (please check the home page for dates).

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Toy soldiers, armies of the world


Britains lead figures, earliest 120 years old, stall 5 Saturday,  Portobello market, London
 1) British toy soldiers, Portobello road, London.
British guards, line infantry and Beefeaters. The majority by Britains, earliest figures date from 1898.
2) British lead toy soldiers, Portobello Road, London.
Moving arm British bandsmen and Greatcoats. Scottish regiments charging. at the slope. firing and pipers. RCA and Royal army medical corps
Britains lead soldiers ww1/2 medical and machine gunners, Portobello market, London
3) WW1/2 toy soldiers, Portobello Road, London.
Figures marching and in action by Britains and Crescent etc. British infantry, RAF, Paras. Britains German, Australian and French troops.
Timpo lead gi's , American civil war in action, stall 5 Portobello road, London4) Toy soldiers, Portobello Road, London.
Makers include Britains, Tradition, Timpo, Britains and Ducal.
USA Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force,  Canadian RCMP and Fort Henry. British Royal Navy and Royal Marines.Cowboys, Indians and GI”S in action. Portobello Road, London.
Lead toy soldiers from Asia, Africa, stall 5 Portobello road , London , England
5) Makers include  Britains, Erickson, Nostalgia, Mignot, Timpo etc.
Indian army, Japanese, Arabs, Sudanese, Zulus, KAR, Turkish And Mexicans.
European toy soldiers, Portobello Road, London.

soldier tinny, metal toy soldiers European armies, portobello market, London
6) European armies by Britains, Marlborough, Lancer, Mignot, Tradition, Britains etc.
French, Russians, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, German and Ancient Greeks.

Civilian and animal figures

lead figures footballers, skaters, photographers, nurses, police, brides, circus. Portobello road, London
7) Stall 5, Portobello Road, London, England.
 Various makers include KEW, Dimestore, Wend-Al, Timpo, 
Benbros, Crescent, Johillco, Britains, Timpo etc.Sporting figures, Boy Scouts, wedding parties, Cococubs, Policemen, Farm, Railway, Nurses, Circus etc.
lead figures. cows, sheep, horses, lions, pandas, lambs, hippos, stall 5 portobello road, London.
8)  Lead animal figures, Portobello Road, London
Farm and zoo animals by various makers including Lions, Tigers, Elephants, 
Pandas, Bears, Hippos, Rhinos. Cows, Horses, Sheep, Pigs etc.

 Del Prado

9) Stall 5 Saturdays, stall 35 Fridays, Portobello Road, London.
White metal toy soldiers depicting Napoleonic, ww1/2 and Ancients figures.
Varies each week, at least 100 figures per day.



Toy soldiers Cavalry/horseback.

At least 100 lead horseback/Cavalry figures each week. Andy Morant, Stall 5, Portobello road, London.
10) Lead toy Cavalry Figures, Portobello Road, London.
 At least 120 figures each week.
A selection of different lead cavalry figures from around the world, Stall 5, Portobello road, London, England.
11) Lead toy Cavalry , Portobello Road, London.
A selection of cavalry/horseback figures from around the world. Indian, Austrian,
French, Cowboys and Indians, hunt, Danish and Argentinian.
A selection of British cavalry toy soldiers available each weekend at stall 5, portobello road, London, England.
12) Lead toy Cavalry, Portobello Road, London.
A selection of British cavalry figures.

Toy soldiers/figures deal trays.

Lead toy soldiers, cheapest you get 4 for £10. Stall 5 , Portobello road market, London, England.
13) Lead figures, stall 5, Portobello road, London.
Figures £3 each, 4 for £10. Some figures 100 years old.
Lead figures, Indian, Fijian, scarecrows, cowboys USA infantry, stall 5, Portobello road, London.
14) Lead figures, stall 5, Portobello Road, London
Figures £4 each, 3 for £ 10. including Venezuelan and Indian armies.
Heyde, Elastolin, Benbros lead figures. stall 5, Portobello Road, London, England
15) Lead figures, stall 5, Portobello Road, London.
£5 each, 3 for £12 including British, USA cavalry etc by Elastolin, Heyde, Benbros,
Erickson etc.
lead toy soldiers inc Heyde cavalry, coco cubs, civilians and ancients. Stall 5, portobello road, London.
16) Lead figures, stall 5, Portobello Road, London.
Lead figures £6.50 each, 2 for £10. Various civilian, Cavalry and armies of the world
lead toy figures , cival war, knights, Romans, Zulus, Napoleon, Nelson, stall 5, Portobello road, London
17) Figures £7.50 and above. Pirates, beefeaters, Zulus, Napoleonic, Knights, 
Indians, civil war, Romans, Artic explorers, WW1/2 etc by various makers.

 Boxed sets.

Boxed Britains lead toy soldier sets from 1928 to 1957. stall 5, Portobello road, London , England
18) Boxed Toy soldier sets, Portobello Road, London.
Britains dating from 1930s to 1950s including British infantry, Scottish firing and Pipers, Zouaves, Gurkhas, Germans and Princess Pat (Canada).

Britains lead coronation coach. civilian seaside set and walking couple. stall 5, portobello road, London.
19) Boxed toy soldier sets, Portobello Road, London.
Britains Scots Greys, Gurkha rifles and Coronation coach. Timpo West Point Cadets and various civilian sets.

Lead Mignot, Britains, Marlborough toy soldier sets, stall 5, portobello road, London, England.
20) Boxed toy soldier sets,  Portobello Road, London.
Makers include Mignot, Britains, Marlborough . British, Fort Henry, French Napoleonic, Indian cavalry, Royal Marines and Red Indians.

Britains and Ducal lead toy soldiers sets. Stall 5, portobello road, London.

21) Boxed toy soldier sets,  Portobello Road, London.
Makers include Britains and Ducal. British, Scottish, Irish, Royal Marines, Indian 
infantry  and various horseback figures.