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Toy soldiers/diecasts Portobello road.

Portobello road market is closed at the moment due to the corona virus. See latest news page for updates.


Stall 5: Portobello Road Market – Saturdays
Stall 35: Portobello Road Market – Fridays (April–December)

Phone: 07527 813 686

 I have been dealing with these fascinating toys for over 30 years. They have appeal 
across the generations. Toys your parents and grandparents played with as 
children. They may have even been the first toys you had. Your first memory  of a
car, bus, taxi or van. Soldiers marching or fighting battles, bands playing or maybe
a farm, zoo or railway display. They all have their own individual features.

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For the collector rare lead figures(from 1890s) and diecasts from the 1930s. For tourists to London  exceptionally good quality collectable London buses, black taxis or figures of the guards at Buckingham palace or the Beefeaters from the Tower of London at extremely good prices. I may have a model of your first car or a figure made in England from your country.

For children toys start from £3 each, 4 for 10. Extremely child friendly, actually on my table children all ages  can pick up the toys .

Please come along and have a look If you see something you like which I have in my stock at home that you like, but not in the market. Just contact me and I will bring it down. Relevant sections are in my index above. No obligation to buy.

Lad toy soldiers and diecasts in Portobello road market, London, England.

Lead toy soldiers/figures

Most collectors of the soldiers/figures will have dealt or know me either via Portobello Market or the shows I attend, including Chicago, USA. I probably have the biggest inventory of old collectable toy soldiers/figures you can view in the UK. I have around 2000 figures in the market every weekend and also have lead figures and boxed sets on request which are available to bring to the market if you so desire. I have stock from all the famous manufacturers, Britains, Mignot, Heyde to name but a few.

Lead toy soldiers/figures in Portobello road market, London, England


I also bring a large selection of old Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox cars as well as many 
collectable diecast cars/vehicles by Lledo, MOYS and James Bond, Batman related toys.

Old Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox cars in Portobello road market, London, England.

Many of you will know me as a person who likes people to see what they are buying and 
especially enjoy the experience of dealing one to one with my soldiers and diecasts in Portobello market. Until now my website has been an advertisement of my stock without the ability to purchase online.

The Corona virus has unfortunately changed this. At the moment we do not know when 
the market will reopen and as I have had many requests for figures/Diecasts I am now in the process of updating the site with the eventual aim of selling direct from the site.

Regulars can contact me now if they wish but please bear in mind the postal service is very limited at the moment and this will be a gradual process.

As of 15th April 2020 all pages will be updated to show  the stock currently available.
Any queries for rarer items please get in contact with me.

Thank you all and please stay safe.