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Chinese figures.

I have had quite a few emails/ chats about the Chinese figures. thought I would put a few more on line for you all to view.





Following are three different interpretations of Chinese troops. Shows the different styles of Britains, Mignot and Heyde.

Britains set 241, Chinese infantry.A  Britains 1930’s set Chinese infantry. Set of 8 figures in three different colours in original box.


Mignot Chinese infantry.Mignot 1930’s and 1950’s Chinese infantry. Three different colours again to the figures but with the added flag bearer.


German made Chinese toy soldiers.German original wooden boxed set of Chinese figures. 6 figures firing a gun, 6 a bow and arrow in varying colours. This set , from around 1890, has the unusual label Chineses. One of the first lead toy soldier Chinese sets ever made.


Britains footballers.

Collectors lead toy football teams. With the lack of football (soccer) at the moment, I thought it might be interesting to show you some from my collection. Britains stated making footballers around 1906. They started with 12 teams which increased to 28 by 1936. In the earlier sets the goalkeeper would be in the same colours as the rest of the team and earliest figures are dated on the base.

From 1936 Britains also produced all teams in the (then) first division, other successful teams  and newly promoted teams  until they stopped production in 1941. They also painted (from 1936) teams on request for clients including teams  representing  leagues from Australia and Holland amongst others.

Britains football teams. Lead toy figures made from 1906 to 1941. one Arsenal player must have been sent off.A selection of Britains footballers. The Arsenal team (second row left) have only 10 figures. Was one sent off ?. Have since purchased a complete team. Dutch footballers are 2nd row on the right. The 2nd best team in West London, Chelsea are in the middle, 3rd row.
Late correction pointed out to me by Norman Joplin, the best team in the premier league at the moment, Newcastle United are on row 4, right hand side.


Britains lead footballers. Including Liverpool and West Ham Utd. Timpo Manchester City Fc.Collectors will recognise the Timpo Manchester City team on the bottom row. Timpo were another maker of lead football figures, a rival of Britains. The goalkeeper diving is a magnificent figure. Next to them on the left are a selection of referees and linesmen.


A boxed set made by Britains, Blackburn Rovers Fc. Lead toy figures made prior to 1939.
Original boxed set of Blackburn Rovers, around 90 years old. Not the earliest as the goalkeeper has the later standard Green jersey.


Britains lead toy boxed set. Tottenham Hotspur Fc. Includes Referee, Goalpost and corner Flags.
A 1934 original boxed set of Tottenham Hotspur FC. The Linesman is missing and additional corner flag included. All the football teams are rare figures but this Spurs team, made 86 years ago , is probably the easiest to find due to the clubs proximity to the Britains factory.


Missed opportunity ?

Britains did however miss out by not producing one of the finest football teams the world has ever seen, Queens Park Rangers. You probably realise this is the team I support, my local team only a couple of miles away from Portobello Road market, where I grew up.

The closest old set I could find in the QPR colours was this 5 a side football game made by the French company CBG Mignot in the 1920s. It was not cheap, but we collectors know that when you find that ‘must have’ set, you have to buy it.  If you can date in accurately or have any more info on this set I would be grateful to hear from you. If I do not hear from anyone I will assume QPR were an extremely popular football team in France in the 1920s.

CBG Mignot. Made in France. Lead football figures. The closest I have come to a Queens Park Rangers team.CBG Mignot boxed 5 a side lead figure football game, almost certainly 1920s.


American Footballers.

These collectors lead toy football teams figures were actually made in the 1930s in Japan by a company named Perfection toys. The lining in an original box would show the playing field, goal posts and the stands full of sides. Players could be moved to various positions in the box. I have been told that the red and blue kits represent Yale against Harvard.

Collectors lead toy figures of Harvard American football team. Made in Japan in the 1930s.
Lead toy figures. Harvard American football team.

Collectors lead toy figures of Yale. American football team. Made in Japan in the 1930s.Lead toy figures. Yale American football team.